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Introducing Eureka Box

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

First of all, let me wish you a warm welcome to the Eureka Box website and blog.

Eureka Box is a virtual communications agency focused on delivering campaigns internationally.

Its aim is to help science and technology companies to enter, educate and grow in countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The virtual agency model brings together senior communications, marketing and design consultants from across the globe to deliver commercially-focused campaigns on a project basis.

Until July this year, I ran the Hong Kong office for The Hoffman Agency, a specialist international tech PR agency. I lived in Hong Kong for more than seven years and prior to that worked in London for more than a decade, where I led technology practices and campaigns across Europe for other international agencies.

Given this experience and the professional network it’s enabled me to cultivate, the agency and its capabilities are targeted primarily at two distinct sets of clients - Asian firms looking for support in navigating mainland Europe, and European firms looking for support with marketing across Asia. That said, we’re also now working on a project in the Middle East, which has opened up that region too.

I believe that the agility inherent in the model, and the experience of the personnel that form our virtual teams, enables us to provide clients with exactly the capabilities they’re looking for when it comes to working internationally. They get hands-on involvement from senior consultants; optimised budgets to get more done in more markets; and a consistently high quality of service delivery across a range of markets.

And, thankfully, there are some businesses out there who seem to agree and have already come on board as clients.


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